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Native Haat Mango
Did You Know
  • Frozen Yogurt has abuot 1 calorie/gm compared to 3cal/gm for most ice-creams.

  • Only Cocoberry offers a sugar free yogurt and the only indian brand of Sugar free Chocolates.

  • Cocoberry is the only frozen yogurt which is gluten free (no wheat-germ). Ideal for Navratri.

  • Cocoberry contains no preservatives and only Cocoberry offers natural preservative free flavors.

  • Cocoberry is prepared fresh daily, unlike an ice-cream which could be stored for weeks before consumption

  • Cocoberry is 100% veg with no trans-fats.

  • Cocoberry has over 2.25 million fans on Facebook- the world's most loved frozen yogurt!